Following the success of Candoco Dance Company from the United Kingdom and inspired by their experience in giving confidence to disabled people through dance and theatre and in encouraging them to fulfill their potential, British Council Armenia has initiated “Unlimited: Making the Right Moves” project in 2013. 

The project is supported by the British Embassy in Yerevan, the Ministry of Culture of RA, St. Sarkis Charity Trust  and the Armenian diaspora in the UK. The project partner is the National Center of Aesthetics Small Theater.

The main objective of the project is to establish the first inclusive Theatre and Dance Company in Armenia, consisting of disabled and non-disabled actors.  

The goals of the inclusive Theatre and Dance Company will be. 

  • To organise public performances and workshops; 
  • To act as a policy “arm”, that will provide consultancy to public bodies and institutions on access and engagement; 
  • To have an academic/educational team, that will promote and deliver integrated practice in educational institutions;  
  • To become entrepreneurial and, ultimately, self-sustainable. 

Events implemented in the scope of the project

  • From 19 October to 11 November, 2013, four Armenian choreographers had internship at the Candoco Dance Company in the United Kingdom.  
  • Series of inclusive dance training sessions were held from February to April 2014. The trainings were conducted by Armenian specialists that had been trained in the UK. The training sessions were hosted in cooperation with Ayb High School. 
  • Upon the completion of the course, a group of 19 participants were selected on a competitive basis who had further training in May, delivered by Pedro Machado, Artistic Co-Director at Candoco Dance Company and Victoria Malin, Candoco Artist. The training participants formed an inclusive dance group that acts in the Small Theatre. 
  • From September to October 2014, Victoria Malin, Candoco Dance Company Artist, visited Armenia and conducted classes for the members of the dance group, acting jointly with the Small Theatre. 
  • In October 2014, in the scope of High Fest Festival, the premiere of the first dance performance “Don’t leave me” of the dance group took place. 
  • In June 2015, Candoco Artistic Co-Director Stine Nilsen and artist Jemima Hoadley visited Armenia to work on a new inclusive performance. 
  • In September 2015, the premiere of “Hiraeth” (“Homesick”) inclusive performance took place at Small Theatre. “Hiraeth” (“Homesick”) inclusive performance is directed by Jemima Hoadley, who worked with various dance companies. She was awarded a number of scholarships for her choreographic performances. Along with working with CandoCo inclusive dance company from the United Kingdom, she collaborates with Wreckless Arts Company. The performance’s art advisers are Vahan Badalyan, the director of Small Theatre, Stine Nilsen, co-founder of CandoCo inclusive dance company and Seta White, expert from UK․ The choreographer is Teni Matian. Vardan Harutyunyan  is the author of the musical  arrangement. You can watch the performance here.
  • “Hiraeth” performance took part in Tramway's Unlimited Festival, Glasgow, from 15 to 16 September, 2016.