Monday 21 September 2020 to Monday 05 October 2020
Online screening

For the 2020 edition of the European Heritage Days we are pleased to showcase a selection of short films from the UK that have screened at Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival,  the first UK festival dedicated to craft and the moving image. These diverse films all concern themselves with craft and design, whether thematically, technically or materially.They explore our relationship with materials and making and include documentaties, maker profiles, and hand-crafted animations, celebrating craft in its many facets.

About the Crafts Council and Real to Reel

The Crafts Council  is the national development agency for the contemporary crafts in the UK, and Real to Reel is the first UK festival dedicated to films about making. Now in its fourth year, the festival continues its mission to celebrate the sheer depth and scope of craft skills around the globe: documentaries, story-led films, and animation offer the widest possible view of making, skills and materials, explore through film.

About the European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days are held annually in the 50 European countries which joined the European Cultural Convention (1954). The idea of the program implementation appeared in France, in 1984, under the motto Monuments’ Open Doors”. “European Heritage Days” programme was officially established by the Council of Europe in 1991, and the European Commission joined the program in 1999. The initiative started under the motto “Europe: A Common Heritage”. Annually, more than 70.000 cultural events are held throughout Europe to increase public awareness about European heritage, to emphasize its uniqueness and diversity, the importance of its preservation.