British Council Armenia organises a variety of professional and university exams that enable young professionals to develop and enhance their careers. These internationally recognised exams are often an unavoidable request set by companies and institutions for new and existing employees.

If you want to take exams with a UK university, institute or college, finish your studies or further improve your knowledge, British Council Armenia offers the perfect opportunity for you to achieve this. As the official and authorised body in Armenia, British Council is an educational link between Armenia and the United Kingdom.

British Council Examinations Services in Armenia:

  • ensure that the regulations of all examination bodies and educational institutions are strictly observed;
  • guarantee secure receipt and storage of exam papers;
  • provide accommodation and qualified invigilation at the examination site;
  • guarantee secure return of the completed scripts as instructed by the examining body (usually by international courier);
  • provide notification of results to candidates, where required.

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