Mat Wright

Monday 20 April 2015 - 11.00 to Tuesday 21 April 2015 - 23.59
Alex Manoogian 9, Yerevan

If you are following or have recently followed an IELTS preparation course and would like to test your skills before sitting an IELTS exam, then we have great news for you.  

On 20 April, for the first time we organise IELTS pretesting for 40 candidates (20 Academic module and 20 General module) for free.  The candidates will sit Listening, Reading and Writing sections and must have ability no lower than IELTS band 4.  

The Listening pretest takes 30-40 minutes. The Reading pretest takes 1 hour 15 minutes. Reading pretests are longer than the IELTS tests because they contain more questions. Candidates will  take Writing pretests (either Academic or General Training Module). Writing pretests are the same length as the IELTS tests: 1 hour. 

Pretesting provides you with valuable examination practice.  It will give you an insight into what an IELTS test is like, and the types of questions that are asked. Participating in pretesting will also give you practice in working under examination conditions.

The candidates will receive a raw score (i.e. the number of correct answers) for both the Listening and Reading pretests. For the Writing pretest, you will receive a Band Score, but again this cannot be used as an official IELTS result.   

Listening and Reading scores are available within two weeks of the pretest papers being received by Cambridge English. It takes a little longer to return Writing scores because the scripts must by assessed by examiners. Writing Band Scores are usually available within 4 to 5 weeks.  

To take part in pretesting you need to fill in the registration form and write a 100-word essay ''How IELTS is going  to change my life'' and send to exams@britishcouncil.am until 10 April.

40 candidates will be selected to take part in the pretesting based on the clarity and relevance of the ideas presented in the essay. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. The best essays will be published on our Facebook page