Artashes Abrahamyan

A new profession – mechatronics- was introduced in Yerevan State College of Informatics under the British Council’s “Skills for Employability” programme. Programmes were carried out between 2008 and 2010 with the Bradford city College in the United Kingdom to share experiences in the field as a result of which students in Yerevan were able to acquire a new specialty. 

In 2011 the first students were admitted into this section and graduated successfully in 2015. 

During those years, Artashes Abrahamyan, director of the college, says that the activities carried out under the programme were not only useful and effective for the college but also for his professional development:

 “While developing educational standards for mechatronics, I studied subject syllabi of other countries more deeply. Reforms were also introduced in our subject syllabi for other professions”. 

Artashes Abrahamyan also attaches importance to the friendship established with the British counterparts: 

“To date we are in constant contact,” he said. Artashes Abrahamyan currently works at Anania Shirakatsy Lyceum and teaches at the Armenian State Engineering University.