Arman Azizyan

Arman Azizyan participated in theBritish Council’s contest when he was 13 years old. His photo on the theme of migration won a prize after which he visited  London, andparticipated in an exhibition andmet the British Council’s CEO. 

Since then Arman has participatedin the British Council’s programmes making his own contribution to the development of his home province - Armavir. Arman places greatimportance on his participation in“Active Citizens” programme, as itwas due to this particularprogramme that he made a movefrom volunteer-based work to professional work in the youth sector. 

The purpose of the Active Citizens programme was to motivate theyouth and support the enhancement of their skills for implementation of community programmes. 

“I was actively involved in the community work. I also had an opportunity to visit the UK and get acquainted with the work of the local youth. Thanks to theprogramme I was furthermotivated to participate in the programmes targeting the development of my community,”Arman says. 

After participating in the programme, Arman has organisedcourses for the youth conveying his experience and knowledge to them both in Armavir Development Centre, where heworks, as well as in other organizations. 

Arman is currently a student of the American University of Armenia. Together with his friends he has established the Volunteers’ League student club.