Armen Alavedyan, Executive Director of Unison NGO which supports people with special needs, is a partner of the British Council’s IDEAS programme. As Armen Alaverdyan noted, the IDEAS programme was a unique opportunity to be involved and contribute to the realisation of the programme’s goal: promoting ideas on inclusive decisions. 

Within the programme’s framework, Armen Alaverdyan visited the United Kingdom to get acquainted with the NGO and media engagement process in the work of decision makers. 

“We were able to successfully share our knowledge in the area of inclusiveness and  specifically disability with all target groups of the programme,” says Armen Alaverdyan. 

As a result of the programme, new contacts were established between different levels, dozens of specialists were trained, a TV programme hosted by a disabled reporter was broadcast for the first time in Armenia, and a number of public places became physically accessible for disabled people. 

“With the new experience gained and through an expanded network of partners I  now continue my activities more effectively,” he notes.