Haik Sekoyan, founder and artistic director of the Theatre for Changes, considers his participation in the British Council’s Forum Theatre programme as a turning point. After participating in the programme, Haik decided to establish a new, independent theatre in Armenia. 

“This is not merely a new theatre but rather a theatre, which started to use the Forum Theatre method - not known in Armenia before - at a professional level. Later a variety of other formats of interactive theatre and theatrical education and amusement were introduced”, Haik Sekoyan said. 

The ‘Theatre for Changes’ was established in Armenia in 2006 with the support of the British Council. The approach in this theatre was new in Armenia. With its significant achievements in the area of interactive theatre, rich experience of cooperation with a number of Armenian and international organisations and a staff of 20 people the ‘Theatre for Changes’ is proud to bear the name of the leader in interactive theatre in Armenia. 

“We have also managed to carry out a number of international theatrical projects, including the first international festival of interactive theatres in Armenia”, Haik says proudly. 

The ‘Theatre for Changes’ in Armenia has already commemorated its tenth anniversary; however, they are confident that this is only the beginning. Haik is confident that numerous other new programmes await them in near future.