Areg Kozmoyan

In 2013 the British Council announced the Film + H20 contest within the framework of the British Film Festival. The participants were supposed to present the issue of the global water shortage through short films. The winner was going to be granted an opportunity to participate in the Sheffield Doc/Fest Festival in the United Kingdom. 

The Sheffield Doc/Fest Festival has been held since 1994. 

The film by Areg Kozmoyan, then a student of Yerevan State Institute of Cinema and Theatre, was the prize winner film of the contest, and several months later Areg left for the UK. “My trip to Sheffield was my first ever trip outside Armenia. Thus, it was first of all a memorable chapter in my life – revealing a new country, its people and culture,” said Areg. 

During the festival days Areg had an opportunity to watch dozens of films and meet industry professionals. He says he started to see cinema from a new perspective having participated in the festival. 

“My visit to the UK helped me establish new contacts in Armenia which in turn started  paving the path that I am pursuing now”, Areg said. 

Currently Areg cooperates with the Armenian General Benevolent Union filming their events; he also works for German organizations and the Golden Apricot Film Festival.