vahan badalyan

Four years ago, when the British Council launched the ‘Unlimited: Making the Right Moves’ project, one could have only dreamed for such fundamental changes in inclusive arts. The project brought about changes in people’s mind-set and life. 

Within ‘Unlimited: Making the Right Moves’ project, along with Small Theatre the first professional inclusive theatrical group was founded and performed in Scotland, Georgia and Kazakhstan. The close collaboration with UK’s Candoco leading inclusive dance company, which continues to date, was instrumental in the establishment and development of this group. 

“Participation in the project has not only enabled me to establish the first professional inclusive dance group in Armenia, becoming the best visible example of major changes in this area, but also to learn from UK’s best experience and also become familiar with the leading creative groups and festivals,” said Vahan Badalyan, the Artistic Director of the Small Theatre. 

Vahan Badalyan is confident that in near future the work done by the performers will be appreciated by the audience. “There are many plans - staging of new performances, tours throughout Armenian regions and abroad. We are working to identify new participants and include them in our inclusive dance group,” Vahan Badalyan says.