Do you like taking photos with your friends, relatives, children or colleagues?  

We are confident, that all of us want to have a diverse society with equal opportunities. Let’s start creating that society today!

2016 has been announced as a year of equal opportunities for people with disabilities in Armenia. The British Council, obviously, could not stand aside from this initiative and have its contribution to the celebration of this significant event. 

We invite you to join our initiative and take part in We are Friends photo contest and tell us about your friends, relatives, children or colleagues, who have a disability. We also invite persons with disability to join this contest to proof that friendship does not know any limits. 

In order to take part in the contest you should

  • Take a photo with your friend. In the photo there should be maximum three persons, and at least one of them (not all of them) should have a disability. 
  • Tell us in a few sentences what you appreciate in your friendship and what the reason of being real friends is. We are looking forward to hearing this story from disabled and non- disabled participants. Your story could be submitted either in English or Armenian.
  • Send the photo and application form to by 1 April, 18.00:
  • The photos will be uploaded to the British Council Facebook page.
  • The photo should not exceed 1MB.
  • The winners will get valuable prizes.

The winner will be selected on 11 April in a lucky draw.

All photos could be used in our publications. 

The photos that disseminate hatred and offense and do not comply with the idea of the contest will not be accepted. 

As the UK's principal cultural relations organisation the British Council is strongly committed to the policy of Equal Opportunity and is keen to reflect diversity at every level within the organisation and in all programmes and activities.