ani iskandaryan

Within the framework of the ‘Fashion Road: Dialogue across Borders’ Project five Armenian and five European designers created a collection by presenting their perception of different countries’ cultures. Ani Iskandaryan is one of the designers participating in the programme. 

As part of the programme, Ani’s partner was a Danish designer. Ani visited Denmark and became familiar with the country’s culture before starting her creative career. 

“During my visit, I familiarized myself with the culture not merely by visiting museums but also by interacting with my Danish friends and their families. I think this did play an important role in comprehending and understanding their culture,” Ani said. 

Ani says that the programme had marked a new phase in her professional life. 

“A year after the completion of the programme, I was admitted to Design University in  Kolding city of Denmark; I graduated successfully from the university in 2015 and was awarded a Master of Arts degree,” Ani shares. 

She now works in Denmark, where she cooperates with one of the theatres by making stage costumes. “I have a strong desire to have my personal brand in the near future,” she said.