By British Council in Armenia

07 March 2021 - 01.08

School student sitting at the desk, holding a pen and looking into the camera
Hayk Mkrtchyan, student at a general education school in Sevan town of Armenia. February 2021 

Hayk Mkrtchyan, student at the Learning Hub in Sevan town of Armenia, reflects on his process of learning English and shares tips to all students to succeed. 

It is the second year that Hayk Mkrtchyan has been studying English at the Learning Hub, in Sevan town of Armenia. He is a 6th grader at a general education school. Hayk says that not only does he learn, but also has fun and enjoys the process of education. We interviewed Hayk in English, he spoke so fluently and flawlessly that he left an impression they had a native speaker of English at home. Yet, that was not the case. Besides school and the Learning Hub, he does not attend any other classes. Hayk accounted for this by his great love for English, as well as his cherished dream to be a success in England.

Hayk reflects on his process of learning, stating that he was most impressed by the very first class at the Hub, when the tutor won their hearts, teaching them with games and entertainment.

“I like my lessons at school, too, but the quality of communication at the Learning Hub is unique. At the Learning Hub, we constantly speak during the session, hold discussions, interact, play games in English. This facilitates thinking in English, and naturally speaking becomes easier. Even in the online mode of teaching, the classes on Zoom are quite rich and interesting. We play games. I always emphasise games because I have come to realise that both my friends and I internalise the educational material better due to these very interactions.”

Hayk says he has not yet made up his mind as to what he wants to become: “It is truly difficult, I have been thinking hard, but cannot made up my mind yet. I know one thing for sure, I still have a few more languages to learn. I can now speak Armenian, Russian, English, and I would like to be fluent in German, to be followed by French.”

Hayk says that everyone in their group is excellent at English, and the only language they speak is English. 

Hayk gives the following recommendations to all pupils who would like to improve their knowledge of English: “You should watch all films in English, play all games in English, and read books in English, since in that case English will become part of your lives and will be dear to you. If you love English, you will learn it very easily, it is not difficult at all. I do not spend a lot of time on my studies, I simply have a lot of English around me, that is to say, my routine has a lot of English in it.”

Student is making notes sitting at a desk.

About the programme 

The Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies is a three-year programme that will develop young people’s skills so that they can build confidence and have better access to educational and career pathways in the future. It will support the development of cohesive, stable and prosperous communities in Armenia by building resilience, and developing diverse skills.  

The British Council has designed and developed the programme, with funding from the UK Government.