To help make taking the IELTS test an enjoyable experience for you, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions that will help with any dilemmas you may have. Please take a look at the answers below, and if still have any additional questions please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Registration and General Questions 1

1. Where can I find IELTS test dates schedule?

You can find test dates here.

2. How can I register for IELTS?

You can easily get registered here.

You need your international travel passport for the registration.

Only Armenian citizen can use an ID for IELTS test registration.

The minor candidates should be registered by their parent/legal guardian.

The parent/legal guardian should ensure to insert the candidate's passport details on the system.

Please contact our Customer Service team on +37470601515 should you face difficulties with registartion.

3. How much is IELTS fee?

IELTS test fee is 102 000 AMD.

IELTS for UKVI fee is 109 000 AMD.

IELTS Life Skills fee is 99 000 AMD.

4. What help is available for disabled candidates?

We offer special arrangements for your test. Our official IELTS test centres can help if you have visual, hearing, speaking or learning difficulties.

If you need a modified version of IELTS, please give the test centre three months’ notice. If special arrangements (for example, extra time) need to be made then please give the test centre six weeks' notice. Your English language ability will be assessed objectively, regardless of any disability or special needs that you may have.

What do special arrangements include?

  • braille papers
  • special Listening CD with necessary stops and pauses
  • lip-reading version of the Listening test
  • enlarged print or Speaking task cards in Braille.

What sort of help can I get?

  • If you have a visual impairment, we can provide:
  • enlarged print
  • Braille test papers
  • an amanuensis to write the answers for you.
  • If you have hearing difficulties, we can offer:
  • special amplification equipment
  • a lip-reading version of the Listening module.

 If you have dyslexia, we can arrange: extra time for the Reading and Writing tests.

Please contact your local test centre by email or telephone as soon as possible if you have special needs that may require a modified IELTS test version.

5. How to process the payment?

There are three ways to pay:

  1. You can pay through our online booking system using Visa and Master Cards
  2. You can pay by cash at the bank ( British Council does accept payments from the sanctioned banks listed here: https://www.britishcouncil.am/en/exam/ielts/book-test. Another person may make the transaction for you, make sure your name and reference number are noted the payment slip.
  3. You can pay using the EasyPay terminal. The payment is do be completed within 72 hours of the registration.

6. Will I finish my exam in a day?

We offer sessions with the Speaking test  both on the main test date or on another day.

You  need to select your preferred format from the calendar of the test dates.

7. Does the British Council provide preparation courses?

British Council provides a number of online resources to get prepared:https://www.britishcouncil.am/en/exam/ielts/prepare.

8. Does British Council have a mock test?

Yes, we have familiarization tests which are delivered by our official  partner National Polytechnic University of Armenia. More details can be found on partners social media here: National Polytechnic University of Armenia | Facebook.

Registration and General Questions 2

9. What's the difference between the Academic and General Training tests?

Candidates must check this before they apply, as each institution has different rules. We cannot decide the module for them or advise on the type of test.

10. Can I change from General Training to Academic module (or vice versa)?

Please contact the centre as it is session specific. This is possible if the session has two modules and there is a capacity for that day within the accepted deadlines.

11. I wrote my name/surname or contact details incorrectly. Should I re-register?

Candidate can contact us via  email or phone and inform about the mistake. Spelling mistake can also be updated in the system by the candidate  by entering Test Taker portal.

12. Which is the difference for IELTS on paper or IELTS on computer?

Paper-based or computer-delivered tests are two choices of the same test.

If you choose computer-delivered IELTS, you will take the Listening, Reading and Writing Tests on a computer.

There is a  difference in results timeline (IELTS on Computer test results are released within 1-5 days of the main test date, IELTS on Paper results are released on the 13th day of the exam day).

All other aspects of the test are exactly the same, whether it is taken on paper or on a computer.Visit www.takeielts.org site Prepare section to get familiar with both paper-based and computer-delivered tests and then you can decide which one you prefer.

There are also familiarization videos for IELTS on Computer on www.takeielts.org that you can watch.

13. What kind of Speaking test formats does British Council IELTS test centre provide?

British Council centre has two formats of Speaking test- Video Call and Face To Face.

The candidate can choose which format to go on with while registering.

On rare cases we send out notification letters to the candidates notifying on the format of the Speaking test.

14. Can I change the Speaking test fomat?

Please contact the centre as it is session specific.

IELTS customers registered for IELTS on Computer and UKVI on Computer will have the opportunity to transfer their speaking test via Test Taker Portal. Speaking transfers can be accessed via the Test Taker Portal, under the "Date & Location" tab.

15. Are both paper-based  and computer-delivered tests checked by examiners?

In both  test formats, the components are checked by the Cambridge certified examiners.

16. How can I apply for a refund ?

If you cancel your IELTS test up to five weeks before (IELTS on Paper) and up to 2 weeks before (IELTS on Computer) the test date, you will receive a  refund.

Some charges may apply.

Candidates who seek to cancel their registration or transfer test dates within the five-week or two weeks respectively period prior to the test date will only receive a refund if their ability to sit the test has been affected by illness or serious cause.

In this case, please add this document to the package:

  • Supporting documents for refund (medical certificate or official confirmation for serious cause issued by delegated authorities)
  • A list of serious causes includes:
  • Illness – e.g. hospital admission, serious injury or illness (does not include minor illness such as a mild cold)
  • Loss or bereavement – death of a close family member
  • Hardship/trauma – victim of crime, victim of a traffic accident
  • Military service 

For more information visit: https://www.britishcouncil.am/en/exam/ielts/cancellation-refund-policy

17. How to transfer test date?

If you need to change the date of your test from the date you originally booked, you can request a test day transfer up to five weeks before the test date for IELTS on Paper, up to 2 weeks before the test date for IELTS on Computer, free of charge.

Any applications after the mentioned period will be regarded only on exceptional cases.

You need to contact the test centre for details.

If you receive a transfer to new test date (either before the test or due to illness) and are ill on the second test date, then you are not entitled to a refund of the test fee nor to any further transfer to a new test date.

18. When can I retake the test?

There is no limit for retaking the test.

Test Day questions

1. Does British Council provide headphones for IELTS on Paper exam?

Yes, we provide headphones for both IELTS on Paper and IELTS on Computer tests.

2. Can the test day Speaking test format vary from the one I have selected while registering?

We understand your concern. This happens only if the examiner gets ill and another staff member should cover the given session. In fact, Video call format of Speaking is also face-to-face, but via ZOOM application. The session will be taken by an authorized Cambridge examiner. Currently this kind of session is conducted in almost all test centres around the world.

3. What proof of identification can I use (ID, Passport, etc.)?

On the day of the IELTS test you must present an original and current passport or national identity card, the one you used while getting registered. 

We cannot accept photocopies.

You will not be able to sit your exam without a valid passport/National ID.

4. What can I take into the test room?

You are allowed to take  label free stationery, passport cover removed and label free plain water  into the test room.

5. Is there a break between test components?

There is no break between Listening, Reading and Writing components.

Speaking test is conducted on your selected timing.

6. What if I’m late for the test or can’t make it due to an emergency?

After completing registration, test takers receive a confirmation email in which detailed information about the test date, time and location is provided.

Unfortunately, candidates who arrive late for registration will not be allowed to take the test and will lose their test fee.

If you cannot attend the test because of a medical emergency/ car accident , you must provide us with a medical certificate within five days of the missed test.

The letter must clearly state the reason you were unable to attend the IELTS test and must be appropriately dated.

7. Can I take my medication or glasses into the test room?

You can take medicine only if approved by the test center beforehand.

Transparent glasses are allowed as long as they are examined by the test day staff.

More information.

Test Results Questions

1. How can I get my results if I have taken IELTS on Paper, IELTS Life Skills or IELTS for UKVI test?

You can check your results on Test Taker portal on the 13 th day after the main exam date and collect the hard copy of results from the British Council office ( 9 Grigor Lusavorich street). 

You need to e-mail us if you want another person to collect your Test Report form or if you want us to post it to your home address.

You will need to pay for posting should you prefer courier service.

Only one copy of results is provided to the test taker.

2. How can I receive my results if I have taken IELTS on computer?

You can check your results on Test Taker portal 1-5 days after the main exam date ․ You can aslo download E-Test Report Form and use it where applicable.

3. What is E-TRF?

E-TRF is electronic version of results which you can download on Test Taker portal.

This is applicable only for IELTS on Computer test.

4. How can I appeal test results?

Please note that the test-taker can apply for Enquiry on Results ( EOR)  within six weeks of the test date and can choose which sections of the test are re-marked. The fee is 48 500 AMD. To apply for Enquiry on Results, the test-taker needs to provide the following documents:

  • Apply for Enquiry on Results ( EOR)  in Test Take portal ( IELTS on Computer and IELTS on Paper)
  • Filled-in and signed Enquiry on Results application ( IELTS Life Skills and IELTS for UKVI exams)
  • EOR fee payment confirmation – online payment can be completed only in case of IELTS on Computer and IELTS on Paper tests.

Your result will normally be available in 2 to 21 days, depending on several factors including the number of sections requested for remark.

If you have not received a response after 28 days, please contact your test center.

5. Is Enquiry for Results fee refundable?

If you have requested re-assessment of your test, there is a charge which may vary from test center to test center. However, if your score is upgraded this cost is refunded. Your marks cannot be lowered on re-assessment.

6. How Do I apply for an additional Test Report Form  ( ADD TRF) to be sent to the institutions?

You need to add Receiving Institution on Test Taker portal for IELTS on Computer and IELTS on paper. We do not charge for the institution which can verify your results electronically. Charges may apply for posting additional hard copy of results and posting/courier charges. No charge will apply for additional hard copy of results, if you requested them within application.

7. How much should I pay for an additional Test Report  service?

Test Report Fee fee is 2 000 AMD, posting fee depends on the country and postal service.