In 2019, the British Council announced an open-call to find partners among universities in the UK, as well as organisations involved in craftsmanship in Armenia – and has since enlisted the support of three Armenian and one UK-based arts organisations.

About the project

Together with the Plymouth College of Art, we developed two strands for the Crafting Futures programme. The first strand is the development of a ‘universal design module’ for crafts and creative practice within formal education settings. This module will be put forward for approval at policy level by all colleges in Armenia, followed by exploring digital development of specific aspects of the crafts sector and enhancing entrepreneurship delivery.

The second strand is a three-year research project to examine culturally specific pedagogic practices across both informal and formal sectors in Armenia, with a particular interest in trans-generational home and community-based learning.

Sustainable Development

The programme is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG4: Education and training to develop skills, entrepreneurship and improve the creative quality of crafts. Research and toolkits share knowledge and expertise internationally.
  • SDG5: Women artisans and communities are economically empowered and valued.
  • SDG8: Youth engagement builds creativity and innovation for decent work for all and inclusive growth.
  • SDG10: Reducing inequalities by uniting old and new, handmade and digital, rural and urban, cultural and economic – encouraging parity for all.
  • SDG12: Promotes sustainable and ethical production and consumption for environmental sustainability and circular design.
  • SDG17: All projects are delivered through international partnerships and collaborative exchanges.