“Coding skills: Connecting present to the future” was a short-term pilot project to teach coding skills to school students of six schools in Yerevan and Armenian regions and develop their core skills, including critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration. This initiative aimed to empower students to pursue better academic and career pathways in the long run. The project was implemented by British Council Armenia with the funding from Telecom Armenia (Beeline). It was also implemented with the support of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport. 

Project outcomes 

Project was implemented in three high schools in Yerevan  and three basic schools in Armenia's regions by creating ‘Coding centres’ equipped with the 'micro:bit' devices and accessories, as well as the relevant teaching and learning resources. At the initial stage of the project we worked with the information and communications technology (ICT) teachers from the selected schools to train them on the use of the micro:bit devices and provide them with relevant teaching and learning resources.  During the 6-month long delivery of online and offline lessons around 140 students from the selected schools had the opportunity to attend an after-school introductory course which equipped them with the basic coding skills and developed their core skills.

At the end of the project, inter-school "Coding Challenge" Competitions were organised for the project’s graduates where students showcased, tested their newly obtained skills and knowledge and presented the projects developed through the devices. 

Learn more about the project results and the scale of delivery on the infographics attached at the bottom of this page.