The British Council will support the building of cohesion and prosperity in the host communities by involving the participating young learners, teachers, parents, and leaders. They will come together to explore, discuss and celebrate the learning and development within the Learning Hubs and beyond.  

Overall, 15 Learning Hubs will be operating in the remote / isolated communities in Armenia. Twenty-eight teachers of these learning hubs will receive regular trainings and mentoring on delivering high quality English language and dialogue and debating sessions through the Learning Hubs. Overall, more than 100 English teachers will benefit from the core skills trainings. Throughout 3 years, around 400 English teachers will be engaged through TAGs and different events organised for teachers. Over 3 years, 60 English teachers attending TAGs will have the opportunity to receive Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Cambridge Certificate. 

On average 2,900 children will annually engage through the Learning Hubs activities (English and debating sessions). Around 1,200 learners, teachers, and parents will also be engaged with Learning Hubs’ community events. Over 3 years, around 13,440 children will indirectly benefit through the improved English and core skills incorporated through the formal teaching by the trained teachers. 

Activities for young learners 

  • Good English Teaching with an emphasis on communication skills, personal growth and innovative, interactive approaches. 
  • Core Skills and Debating, Negotiation, and Dialogue (DND), developing learners’ critical thinking, problem-solving and debating skills through thematic discussions aimed at increasing the understanding of tolerance, mutuality and dialogue.

Activities for teachers 

  • Teaching methodology, inclusive practices, and DND training courses, utilising the UK’s experience and resources to help teachers develop their skills and upgrade their competencies. These will also be available for English teachers in the wider community.  
  • Core Skills methodology training courses, helping the English teachers to strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills among their students. 
  • Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs), providing a teacher-led platform for teachers to come together to discuss new ideas, teaching practices and local needs. 

For communities 

  • Community events, aimed at bringing together learners, teachers, parents and leaders in host communities, getting them involved in the learning and development activities.  
  • Debating competitions, promoting and celebrating critical thinking, problem solving, and communication among young learners and within their communities. 
  • Teachers networking events for TAG participants, promoting the sharing of learning approaches and experiences and celebrating teachers’ achievements.